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Monkey.D.Me September 30, 2012 User blog:Monkey.D.Me

Hi everyone, my name is Monket.D.Me or you can call me MDM ^_^ I live in Canada but my background is Indian =_+

I am new to this wiki and joined today and I want to be friends with everyone and have lots of fun on this wiki >_< so please-

(everyone on FT wiki is looking at MDM with "Disappoint" look)

MDM: what?

Mega: not cool ..

Prime: too late ..

Rai: I thought you were better ..

Reli: I don't know you anymore ..

Niji: you are fired!

YumYum: Jellal hates you ..

Toshi: You are not welcome to my weddings anymore ..

Kokocha: ITS OVER!!

Umi: (covers himself with a blanket)

IH: Die!


Ming: you are embarrassing me ..

MJ: Who are you?




MDM: Everyone loves me here T^T

ok ok ok short Drama aside I made this blog for the abridged chapter I made this week. Usually I just post them in any chapter review blog but this time its 18 pages so I had to make a blog >_>

So please try to enjoy it and hope you like it ..





not to make that plotless bullshit it took me 5 hours >_>

Also, if anyone feels like supporting this poor little MDM for little spare love then thanks to Kokorocha now I have a badge ..

100px-3075024.png This user supports Monkey.D.Me.

Will Make Lasanga for Love ^_^

Well thats all for this week and hope you likes it ^_^

as always, comments and concerns are always welcome ~_~

This blog is over and MDM is out >_>


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