Yo Semi-Civilized Members of Fairy Tail Wiki(me included)

I am back with another blog to entertain you till the next chapters shines its blessings upon us. The Theme of this blog is simple .. Family.

Yes, this is Re-Make of one of my blog from OP WIki. Sorry >_>

Rai: I already planned my Family (prepares to delete the blog)

ok ok now now lets not jump Olympics here .. .. .. .. wait that pun didn't make any sense (;¬_¬)

Ok, Just listen to the blog idea first ..

The goal of this blog is for you to Make Your Own Ideal Family with you acting as the middle son/daughter of the family. You have to choose various Fairy Tail characters to fill the roles of your parents and siblings.

You have to choose ..(compulsory)

  • A Father (Now ladies, Having Daddy Complex is a normal thing >_>)
  • A Mother (Guys, .. she is your mother .. Just reminding you!!!)
  • A Older Sister or Older Brother (NO INCENT ALLOWED!!)
  • A Younger Brother or Younger Sister (again NO INCENT ALLOWED AT ALL!!)

Extra (un-compulsory)

  • A Pet

Yes, you HAVE TO choose father, mother, brother and sister .. Its Compulsory. The Pet is exception =_= If you want grandpa and grandma then sure. Expand the family at will but No More Then 7 Members including pet.

Ok so choose carefully and make wise choice and also .. NOTICE!!

Mega: NO!!! Me and Kagura are ONE!! I refuse to agree to that rule.

YumYum: Jellal is mine!! You can never apart us. SCREW RULES!!

MJ: Yea, Grimmy-chan is the only one for me- .. oh I mean .. she is .. um .. my ..- (blushes and runs away)

=_= .. .. .. .. .. ok ok ok I knew this was hopeless .. but at least try to follow those rules. Remember, the max number of members you can have is 7. Is having wife more important then having blood-siblings?


O_O .. I accept my defeat ..

So thats all everyone BTW If someone had already done this blog in past then I would request Admins to delete this blog right-away. I did research on my part but just in-case.

So this quick blog is over and MDM out >_>

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