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Yo all .. ( ^_^)/

Its me, MDM .. the same MDM who falls behind on every deadline he promises and shows NO shame while doing so.

BUT! The temporary hurdle I had called "Final Exams" has been passed and I'm free for month or so THUS, I plan to meet all deadlines I set for the featuring flashes ( >_>) Inspired by Mashima I plan to make a double-issue and feature 2 members as same time, aren't I cool? ( *^*)9

Mega: More like lazy ..

URUSAI!! ( ._.) Well, .. in celebration of finishing my exams, I decided to make a silly non-sense abridge based on topic of .. EXAMS!

Rai: Wow .. how original ( =_=)

URUSEEEEEE!!! Just read .. get entertained till I finish my featuring flash.

Hope you liked it ..

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