Yo Seniors and Senioritas- .. .. hope I got that right >_>

FTGM: Well, logically yo-

(MDM bribes FTGM and chases him away)

Logic? >_> when we are attempting a cold-blood Revenge, there is no logic .. just mindless humor and shits in exchange for giggles~

Now here is the part where I disappoint you all, .. .. .. this is NOT a abridge blog for this week (ಠ⌣ಠ) this is from the Previous week which me and my twin-devil sisters Toshi and Minty planned to post but for "lets-not-go-there" reasons .. we couldn't ( _ _) well, never too later ( ._.)/

So here is their revenge script Toshi and Minty wrote that I Directed and with stamp of Reli Family Production .. I present you this week's BOX OFFICE HIT! Dear RaiPa, SCREW YOU!! ( /._.)/

FIRST UP!! Some plot development and loli-fan service starring ERZA!!

Its okay Erza, We don't mind Perv right guys?

MJ: Actually, I do min-

(Bribes Mj and chases him away too)

OK! moving to Erza analysing the situation and looking at the WORLD POSSIBLE SCENARIO that can happen due to her Loli-Condition ..

You are OVER-THINKING this Erza >_> Trust me, if I know Jellal right, .. he did still tap your loli ass ;)

Carrot: Wait, (ಠ_ಠ) are you calling my Jellal Pedo?? HOW DARE YOU?!?!

(Bribes Carrot with semi-nude pics of Jellal he stole from Rem's D Drive and chases Carrot away)

>_> moving on to the KAWAI Erza rolling down the hill .. but WHAT waits for her there?

>_> I am guessing this was OBVIOUS! I am in that army .. somewhere .. hiding and waiting for a chance ...

(A TANK breaks in the building and blasts MDM away, out of the pit comes..)


Minty: YEA!! This was suppose to be OUR Revenge blog on Rai and Mega >:/ STOP FANBOYING LOLI ERZA!! But, now we are here~ we will take the stageBoss -

Oi oi, that better be a fake cigar =_=

Toshi: STFU!! Time to get this movie rolling~


Fallen: Mega, you suck ..

Warth: Tsk Mega Tsk ..

Kagura: You can't handle a bag of weed, how you gonna handle ME?!?!

Mega: I feel like banning someone, STEP FORWARD!!

(MDM bribes Fallen to step forward)

Mega: so we have a badass over here =_=

(Mega bans Fallen)

Rai: (takes out his belt) MEGA! Prepare to feel the pain of Black Parent Punishment!!

Mega: (runs away) SCREW YOU! I am LATINO!!

Reli: >_> this is PREPOSTEROUS! Why would I EVER give my weed to Rai?

Rai: my thoughts EXACTLY!! Like hell I would let amateurs like Mega and Carry handle my weed >_> they lack the Romance to know the worth of this Green Gold (*^*)

Toshi: STFU BOTH OF YOU!! Be ashamed .. be VERY ashamed for being such bad influence to this wiki >:/

Reli: What? don't be ridiculous Toshi .. this is Medicine~

Minty: Not this again >_>

Ok ok everyone, you had your revenge and shameless weed advertising .. now time to end this sorry reason for blog >_>

(Ih kicks MDM and everyone off the stage)


Glassy: (blows the wiki with dynamite) Bitches >;/

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