Yo Friends, MDM here.

Regardless the title, there is no special sale here =_= It was just a figure of speech to drag your ass in this blog >_> call it scumbag blog-marketing if you want ..

But this blog IS about outfits .. well this thought came to my mind after seeing this new creepy team (can't spell their name) that is introduced recently .. very creative outfits .. some people like it, while some hate it .. and some are there just for DA TITS ~_~

.. but seeing those reminded me about my favorite outfits from Fairy Tail .. there are hundreds to choose from ^_^ .. for example I like ..

  • You all know me too well >_> ..
  • Why am so obvious? >_>
  • My Favorite Outfit from Fairy Tail - HONEST!
  • I was not a cat person, .. but I am now ..

ok, now that was my .. .. "Binder" (Romney reference) of favorite outfits from Fairy Tail .. now for something that I would want to wear ..

  • Wearing suits is way to become DON!!
  • Loooks cool

.. so

Whats your favorite outfits from Fairy Tail?

Is there any outfits that you would like to wear?

thats all for this blog .. but also .. just to express my rant over the trolling done in the previous chapter I made a small abridged chapter this time .. its rushed and not given much thought but anything for some giggles ..

Back to Seriousland

Hoping to see your favorite outfits and hope you enjoyed the abridged chapter, MDM out >_>

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