Good- .. .. (checks outside, no sun) Night Fellow FairyTail-Holics ^_^

Everyone On FT Wiki: ..awkward

Its me, MDM.

Glass: Who are you again?

Oh yes, this is my first blog on this wiki ^_^ I am new on this wiki, more or less .. by chance you might have seen a idiot with Nose-picking Garp avatar bfore, that was me.

Back to the Business, Guess what Everyone, This blog is a Avatar Tournament.

Everyone On FT Wiki: (while pointing at the Blog title) Thank you Captain Obvious.

(_ _ ) you people really know how to destroy someone's innocence, don't you?

Evan: You never had any to begin with.

Ok ok enough foreplay, back to the Avatar Tournament.

On my short stay on this wiki I have met many members, members with their unique personality, profile and Avatar. There are few who have kept their Avatar same ever since I joined and there are some who change them more often then their socks.

The purpose of this tournament is to Spotlight those 3 members from the community of 100s whom might hold the title of BEST AVATAR ON FT WIKI!! Yes, there will be 3 winners as 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.

Of course there are rules to these tournament-

Rai: Rules? I don't follow rules, I make am around here.Boss

Hai hai Captain All-Seeing-Eyes, but this is my blog, my house .. I bring the bread and dough here Working

Niji: So what you are waiting for? Take that bread in the kitchen and make me a sandwich B!+ch!! I don't pay you for posting ground-less emotions.

I don't remember signing any papers- Cry

Ok ok, so here are the 4 rules ..

  • You can not vote or nominate your own avatar.

Rai: What? (hovers the mouse to MDM's "account ban" button) .. you were saying ..

  • You can only nominate or vote for 2 member's avatars only.

Grim-chan: What? but I like everyone. Hugs everyone, Free hugs.

  • You can only vote by commenting the names of the two members you would like to nominate. If you wish to change your vote, please reply your new choices to your old comment instead of editing the older one. It will make my work easier to count the votes. .. .. and no trolling.
  • You must be a active member of this wiki to vote with 20 or more edits. This means you are not to make fake-accounts and vote for yourself =_=. Thats cheap .. have some dignity.


<_< I hope I get threw this one one-piece .. But best wishes everyone. So let me start with nominating the 2 members whom I feel have the most awesome avatars with reason why.


Well ever since I joined this wiki, Rai's avatar has been utter ironic-amazement for me. Despite of being active Admin of this wiki, he has a Bleach-related avatar but still gives off the presence of a 100% fairy tail fan. Its a avatar that screams out loud on every blog "PARTY OVER HERE!!"

Rai: (closes MDM's "User Ban" page) .. smart boy, the payment will reach your place soon, in ca$h.


3 Words, Wendy. In. Bikini.

Rem: You have eyes of quality my friend. Perv

Ok those are my 2 choices everyone. Now its your turn, please write your 2 member choices in the comments. This tournament will last for 5 days and will end on the 15th of June, MDM time-zone.

I will update the votes everyday when I get time and On 15th June I will count all the votes once again from beginning to ensure accurate results.

Rai: 4
ChaosKnight: 5
Ishthak: 8
Aldarinor: 2
TheCarrotSaysYumYum: 12
Rem: 3
Abe: 1
ST: 1
Reli: 6
Mega: 2
BJ: 1
Jabby: 1
Niji: 1

Good Luck to everyone and myself, this Blog is over and MDM is out >_> Run Away

p.s. Please, reader's advises is needed on my blog writing skills. As you can see that I have habit of involving members of the wiki in my blogs as "Surprise Guests" without their permission. So please advise me on if I should continue this or not. Thank you.

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