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( ^ ^)o自 CHEERS TAIL!!

Yo Brothers and my and other's Gfs

Another shitty week in college make a man want to scream lemons out of his lungs. But I make better use of those lemons >_> I make abridged chapters that you people read and laugh and then I laugh watching you laugh .. get it? We are made for each-other .. .. well some are exceptions but the main thing is .. You complete me ^_^

And for all the support, love, hate, discrimination, isolation, torture, name-calling, bullying, racism and given shits .. I like to gift this new abridge chapter that I made based on the previous one. Its bit late but hell, anything for few giggles. Also, to certain someone who is in really sad mood now and I am trying my best to cheer her up ( ._.) .. .. but regardless. ENJOY!!



Theme Song for the Team Creeps






what? .. .. .. DEAL WITH IT Boss

Now this was a chapter made out of sheer boredom drag so I apologize if I didn't live up to your laughter expectations. Hope you enjoyed it and continue to support me on this little stupid creations of mine :P

MDM Out >_>

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