As this being my first blog I had wanted it to be special and have some sort of comment shattering wave, which involves the infinite question; who is better, Erza or Mira?

Now, boys before you get hyped up about cup sizes I am talking power wise, as in who do you think would win in a battle between each other, and if the other were to fight someone the other lost what do you think the outcome of the battle would be?

Now for a third kind of portion I now will be drawing your attention back, boys. Who is hotter? Honestly, I think this portion may have a lot of Erza supporters, after all many of you like them.

Finally I ask you, who's magic is best! I am always debating between the two, the magic of Erza, involving the changing of your clothes or even hair in an instant, which some days I wish I could do, then there is Mira, the calm, sweet girl who doesn't appear like she would hurt a fly turning into these satanic beings which are just too cool.

Now, let the debate of my first blog begin!

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