Hello There~. Welcome to my newest blog post! I thought about how mine got such a good feed back I would make a new blog post to see what feed back I would get.

As you may have noticed, this will be about my theories on the Grand Magic Games, not the arc, but some of the fights currently going on. Feel free to comment some things that you think I haven't properly covered, or if you disagree/agree with some of my points~ ^_^

My first point, Sabertooth's Leader. As you may have noticed, one regular remember and the leader still remain in the final day. My prediction is Erza will eventually figure out the weakness of War God Magic and kick Minerva's butt. >:3. Once the evil meanie dies at Erza's hand, Fairy Tail will only gain one point and Sting will be revealed to be the leader of team Sabertooth. Why else would he be hiding? His obnoxious personality shows him to be a ready fighter, so why wait in the shadows?

The second point I would like to make is, Minerva's magic weakness. I have thought of her magic to somewhat be more like a modified Reflector, in the way that it can only hit one area at once. Another weakness that I thought she might have is that, due to her magic utilizing wave matter it may be possible to freeze over. With saying this I assume that if Erza doesn't defeat that poisonous b-... back on topic... If Erza doesn't defeat her, than Gray might be able to. If not let's hope Jura beats Laxus then goes demon on Minerva's ug-... back on topic.

My third point will be the battles and their outcomes. I am quite like Mavis in the way I can somewhat calculate things that I know well enough. Now, onto the outcomes... This will be lain out in the list below~

Minerva versus Erza will end in a tie. Erza is awesome and all, but she has built up enough damage to be severely injured. She is very cunning, but nearly out of magic power, so she will have to defeat Minerva using her cunning and finding the weakness of her magic.

Jura versus Laxus will end with Laxus winning or a tie. As much as I want to say Laxus would cream Jura, Jura is a wizard saint. Laxus could be Jura by a little bit, and probably will due to being in Fairy Tail, as it is obvious Mashima is showing some favor in them so far (leaving all five of them standing).

Gray and Juvia versus Lyon and Chelia will end with the Fairy Tail-ers winning. Gray has managed to accomplish so much more than Lyon, no matter the seven year gap! Chelia also appears to maybe be untrained, as she is on the same level as Wendy (no offence intended, it is just she is a support mage, not for attacking people) and so obviously once Lyon is destroyed Gray and Juvia will take down Chelia, with some ease.

Well, that's it for this blog~!

Yes~! Another blog down... Feelin' Spiffy~! (^o3o)> (<-- floppy eared neko over there)

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