Alright, I am sorry to have to tell all of my fans this, but I will be away for a while starting in May. In June I have final exams so I will need a very long time to study for. I am aiming to get all A's this time around so that will be a guaranteed period of hiatus.

Also, after deciding that I need to change everything about myself I have become my best friends's "Summer Project" therefore I will be away for the month of August. I will be visiting relatives in Canada for all of July and so you will start to see me frequently in September.

Thanks for understanding and I thought I should just let everyone know before I forget and just in case you guys wondered where I had disappeared to for that whole time. That is a total of four months of a hiatus; if you leave me messages I will respond to them but I shall NOT be on chat.

   Coco       Talk   01:19,4/21/2013 01:19, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

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