Well, the title is quite misleading. No, I'm not creating an anime outta you guys. Long story short, I figured that instead of hijacking blogs, we could actually have a special place for our seasonal anime discussions that have almost become a tradition.

So let me start. I have... actually watched very little this season. The times when I ate up 20 series a season are long in past, I suppose.

Noragami Aragoto

Has anyone expected me not to start with this series? This is the Anime of the Season for me. When the first season of Noragami ended a while ago with a somewhat filler ending (honestly, would you even tell the final battle was anime-only?), the general speculation was that it was so the majestic Bishamon arc could have a season of its own if it were to ever come. Here we are, in 2015, with those thoughts coming true. Mind you, I have read the manga way past the point the second season ended at, but it was still super exciting watch. I -definitely- recommend this to anyone who has yet to come into contact with this series. First season first though!

Haikyuu!! S2

In spite of absolutely -loving- the first season, I took my time and, for various reasons and purposes, didn't start the second season till 12 weeks after the first episode aired. And you know what? I don't remember a better experience than watching those 12 episodes in one go. I love the characters. I love the story. I love the matches. I love the suspense. I love the animation. Awesomness at its finest. "But I don't like sports! I never watch them." Well, same here, brother. You won't find a guy who's more bored watching any kind of sport than me. And here I am, rating both seasons of Haikyuu!! 10/10 at my MAL. Again, fully recommended. Both seasons.

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

Much 2nd season such wow? The third series that I watched this season is yet another sequel, and quite a surprising one. I found the first season rather medicore, with a nice premise, but rather uninteresting story progress. The second season, however, made up for it by building nicely on what the first season showed and actually creating an exciting string of episodes. I found myself to be immensely enjoying this season, that I was really glad I chewed through the first one. Sometimes it's worth going past the "3 episodes rule".

And that's it. The only other series I've been watching is Fairy Tail, but I believe I've talked a lot about it in my weekly blogs, so I won't bother here. Feel free to talk about it though. ;o

I actually wanted to watch a few more, I noticed some interesting-looking mystery anime, but I never got around it. Anything good I missed this season? Do share!

Oh and before I forget, my favorite opening is definitely the Haikyuu one.

Well, do share your opinions, everyone!

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Omg, I actually did forget something.

One Punch Man

Just shows how much I cared about this show. I never even updated my MAL with it. Anyways, I'm not usually the one to get affected by this, but the hype surrounding this show was literally disgusting. Madhouse did a magnificent job with the animation, the parody of the hero/shounen troupes was amusing if anything, (Ok. ( ._.)) but why in the bloody hell was this considered the next best thing after Bible? What could be a fun premise improved with Madhouse's awesomness turned into something so overrated that I don't know where to begin. Sometimes I wish I didn't pay attention to the communities and just watched w/e looked interesting to me without knowing what everyone thinks. Oh well.

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