Hello there~ We all have probably had our share of discussions about the special chapters that were coming out one after another this month, however, nobody made a proper review for them so after overcoming my huge laziness, I decided to make one!

So what exactly is this about? As some of you may have noticed (No shit, Miskos!), this month, in various magazines (Kodansha must love Mashima), several side chapters of Fairy Tail have been published, featuring our beloved characters.

Welcome home, Frosch!

The first special revolves around the formerly-strongest guild of Fiore, Sabertooth. After quite hilarious scene of king-like Sting, similarly (or not?) to Jiemma before, telling Yukino to strip, the guild enjoys themselves in a newbuilt pool, thinking they are unique, but too bad, because after Sting becoming Natsu v2 and Sabertooth adopting the nakama policy, this is just yet another copy of Fairy Tail. :P Anyway, the main focus of the chapter is on the still-genderless Frosch getting lost while the Sabertooth crew goes out to look for him. After many hilarious situations with Fairy Tail members, they find the Exceed as it is trying to find a way back to Sabertooth... but ends up at Fairy Tail instead.

- Random thoughts:

  • Many people thought Rogue was acting out of character, however, I believe it was cute seeing him all worried about his little friend!
    • Dat grope though
  • Did I mention I ship Carla x Lector?!
  • I take it you guys noticed that Gray stripped his clothes out of blue and Juvia ended up carrying them for him...?

- Grade: 8/10. All in all, an enjoyable special. It was nice seeing the Sabertooth group again.

413 Days

The center of the second special is... Juvia! Letting us take a look at her room with a lot of Gray-like stuff, - and her naked body too - Juvia heads to celebrate the 413th day of knowing Gray-sama. However, the ice boy doesn't seem to be in a mood for party and rejects Juvia's scarf as well. It is revealed that this day, is, in fact, the anniversary of Ur's death. In the end, all is well as Erza is there to console Juvia and even Gray, remembering Ur giving him a scarf as well, goes back to find the dropped one by Juvia. And if he doesn't want that Juvia pillow, I'm sure Ummy will gladly take it...

- Random thoughts:

  • So... I still don't understand if 413 is of any significance, or Juvia is just being crazy
    • Talking about crazy, her room was just creepy! After watching shows like Durarara!!, I cannot consider such stalkers not dangerous...
      • I mean, did she like... Do herself with a Gray-shaped.. thing?

- Grade: 8/10. Fanservice (although a bit creepy one...), some feels and Erza, what more does one need?

She's Erza!!

As the title suggest, this omake is centered around Erza Scarlet and is seemingly set sometime before the start of the series. Our beloved Erza is after someone pretending to be a part of Fairy Tail, Moulin Rogue. As it is, Erza beats the crap out of her, but not before giving the thief a lesson about what it means to be in a guild like Fairy Tail.

- Random Thoughts:

  • Lol, Erza making up rules for games...
  • So at that time, even Titania was vulnerable to the special technique of panties stealing!
  • Erza deflecting a bullet with her sword was epic!
  • Moulin: I did this to help Sunny!
  • Erza: FUCK OFF!!! ... But come to our guild at any time!
    • Erza logic ftw...

- Grade: 7/10. Truth to be said, this omake is probably the weakest one out of the four, in spite of containing so much of Erza. If it wasn't for the speculations about Moulin's identity, this might've been even worse.

Natsu and Asuka

And the last special! Probably the youngest part of the Fairy Tail nakama, Asuka, manages to defeat Natsu in shooting, and so, the Dragon Slayer has to do whatever the little girl says for the entire day. A lot of funny situations happen and in the end, Natsu, Asuka, Lucy and Happy take on several jobs to retrieve a certain item that Asuka's mom and dad used to own. They manage to do this and even retrieve it back from someone attempting to steal it. It is revealed that this lacryma is what Alzack and Bisca got for their first job, however, they ended up selling it for their daughter's good.

- Random Thoughts:

  • So Natsu lost on purpose AND even made Asuka later think that she was the one to defeat the thief? Those are some father qualities, alright...
  • OMG! Aquarius fountain!!!
  • Asuka is awesome!! Natsu seemed to have no problems with the kiss at all, unlike Lucy...
    • ...NATSU X HAPPY HAHAHA. A bunch of shippers cried.

- Grade: 9/10. Probably the best omake for me. It was cute, funny, emotional and we even got a confirmation that Moulin = Bisca which made the previous omake even better!!

Aaaand that's it. Which of the chapters did you like the most? What is your favorite moment? What did you dislike? Do share! And don't forget to watch the new Fairy Tail anime next week! I'll be back with anime reviews as well!! THE HYPE!!!!

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