I think I'm gonna need to lower my expectations. Might be a bit too late now that there are like two episodes left, but, after a set of great episodes in this arc, the last few have been rather... disappointing? I dunno, I don't even expect much, like, I was looking forward to seeing this and this as nicely drawn full length shots and all I got was badly drawn crap. K then.

Natsu survives Memento Mori
Me watching this episode

Unfortunately, even relatively minor issues like that can destroy the experience for me. I mean, seeing other guilds more was nice, the dragons appearing was... nice (not enough hype tbh) and Gray's ice demon technique looked superb. Natsu's Dragon Force was crap tho and the whole scene was rushed.

Gray defeats Mard Geer
Pew pew

Well, next week is the episode that many of us are hoping to be epic, but... should I really hope? We shall see~

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