Hello guys, forgive me for latene-

Everyone: Wat are you even doing here? Aren't you the guy who is supposed to be inactive?!

Well, yeah, for those who haven't noticed, I have quit the LUT project and put up myself as 'Inactive', honestly, the whatever free time I have mostly goes elsewhere now, but I still like to come here to procrastinate and what not. But there are times when I literally pull 15 hours a day, 3 days in a row with school related stuff (this week) and after finally dragging my ass home, I sleep till like 2 PM (like today). When I wake up, the last thing I feel like doing is typing up a review. Especially when the episode kinda... you know, sucks.

Rogue and Sting defeat Jiemma

I mean, rather than extending the Sting and Rogue fight, hell, even working with new flashbacks since that's what the anime excels in, they take the laziest way ever and put it not one, not two, but three (or was it four?!) copy-pasta flashbacks. Why did we have to see the Erza vs. Minerva again, ffs? If they showed Jiemma reacting to it or something, or the aftermath where Jiemma goes 'Fk this shit, I'm gonna demonize myself', that's be actually cool, because without that, Jiemma just kinda appeared... and disappeared again. Literally a waste of time. At least his defeat was okayish, even though it could've been much better. They are okay with blasting a goddamn hole into Silver - we even have the camera go through it in a close-up manner, but showing the needles shoot through Jiemma was apparently too much. Okay. Let's make it look like a disco show instead.

Gray and Natsu protect each other
I ship this

I'm gonna continue whining about flashbacks and go back right to the start of the episode. I like the narrators talking about the previous events at the start of the episode, it makes it easier if I want to watch the episode with someone who knows jack shit about FT, saves me the time, but can they make the characters shut up at that time??? I can't stand 277337424 people talking at the same time. What subtitles do I even focus on anyways? Erza vs. Kyôka. I... actually expected they'd go through the fight again since they pulled the whole 20 mins ago thing (that was a terrible move tbh, destroyed all the hype of Face activating and Acno vs. Igneel, but w/e), but can they please keep it consistent? <.< Cuz episode one, Erza is wearing flame pants and she can see! Episode 2, she is suddenly in an armor, but hey, let's make the scene different thanks to the Exceed and Franmalth! Episode 3, Minerva has different lines again! Like wtf. As if it wasn't confusing already. I bet anime-only viewers are banging their head onto the wall. And guess what? They also recapped Laxus defeating Tempester, cuz why the fuck not! I actually liked the scene of them meeting up with Porlywhatever (one day I will learn to spell your name), but they had to ruin it by more copy-paste.

Mard Geer casts Memento Mori
I'm so fabulous

Basically, the only really good part was the Mard Geer battle, with an okayish animation, great soundtracks and overall, it actually seemed exciting. You ripped off Zero with your Memento Mori, Mard Geer. ;x Actually, I also liked more of Igneel vs. Acnologia. They made it look cool again.

So yeah. If we cut out all the flashbacks, we get what, a 10 mins of new content? Awesome.

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