So what could have been a great episode got completely ruined by filler. I honestly haven't enjoyed a single anime-only scene or any added-in dialogue. They were all dumb. And I hope to god that this is the last we see of Lamy. Because if I ever get to witness that 'fck animation' synchronized movement again, I'll have to stab a bunny.

Acnologia and Igneel keep clashing
Even Acno vs. Igneel filler is getting repetitive..

But hey, I guess this is what I get for getting hyped from last week's preview. While the Mard Geer fight was cool, it wasn't as good as I expected it to be and to be honest, the manga version felt much more epic. I remember that chapter as the first one that made me like Mard Geer as a villain. So the preview for next week looking absolutely shitty in terms of art and animation is a good thing then, I guess? I mean, I can only be surprised.. in a good way.

Mard Geer overpowers the Dragon Slayers
You were still cool

Perhaps I'll like it more if I rewatch it... Def skipping the Lamy parts though. v.v

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