In today's episode of "FT reacts to Dragons".. I mean, the recap valore.. whatever.

The things above aside, this episode was animated beautifully, not only the art was spot on, things actually moved as well. Even the dragons. Shocking, I know? And since there isn't much to say from my part, I'll just use this opportunity to mention that the Tartaros arc is almost over and with no news yet, one has to wonder what's gonna happen with the anime! Do you guys think we'll be getting yet another break?

Anyways, back to the episode, yay images!

Little Natsu looking for Igneel Igneel's breath attack against Acnologia

Natsu's reaction to Igneel's attack Igneel after his attack

Natsu charges at Mard Geer Erza's armor damaged by Kyôka

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