So uuuh

Let me mention nice things first?

> There was this short scene in the fight between Erza and Kyôka when the latter shot her claws and Erza dodged them. That looked cool.
> The soundtrack during Igneel's appearance was godly. Overall, that was the best part of the episode.
> Ummm... These eyecatchers?

As you can probably tell from the way I started this blog, I think of the episode as a disappointment and that is only because of the animation. While the characters have been drawn nicely throughout the whole episode and the background looked pretty as always, the goddamn animation was terrible. Erza's fight was literally 4 still shots. For real? Like, you couldn't even tell what was happening. It was that bad.

Erza cuts through Kyôka
I'm flying, don't mind me

How to destroy an epic appearance: A1 Pictures & Bridge Tutorial: Friggin' slap a character's render onto the background, zoom in, zoom out and make it shaky. Done. Like for real. And it started nicely, with some suspension being built up as characters react to a familiar voice and you can see something flying towards the place... But then, all you see is a huge ass dragon literally stuck midair, in a weird ass position at that. For a good minute. Because we gotta zoom in and show different parts of the body. Which would be actually nice if there was some movement. But nah, let's make it as lame as possible. And while we're at it, let's make Igneel and Acnologia trying to ram into each other at the end of the episode about as lame looking.

Igneel crashes into Acnologia
This didn't even look that bad, but what came afterwards...

It might sound like I'm nitpicking and I'm not sure what I expected after 2 beautifully animated episodes, but I guess I'm just upset that something this epic from the manga could get ruined so much. And guess what. The preview for next week looks magnificent again. Because let's focus our budget on a filler fight and Natsu. Screw making an epic dragon actually animated. #rantover

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