Well, this gotta be the best anime-only fight in my books as far as adaptions go. Naruto should take notes. Wtf is the current filler, anyways. .-. Of course, we could question how much was Mashima involved in this one, but in any case, it was pretty enjoyable. Great, intense action, pretty nice animation, even blood and an interesting finish. I'm fully expecting people to whine about Laxus being able to fight after everything (if they haven't done that already) or the change in Gray's role in this fight (honestly, the only thing that bothers me is that we didn't see his sword technique animated), but if it was like this in the manga, it'd be so much better. Tempester's bullshit techniques aside.

Mirajane strikes Seilah
Get rekt

Other than that, Gray's arrival was still badass as instead of freezing Tempester, he freezes the Magical Barrier Particles after Tempester blows himself up yet again. On that note, I found it interesting how Tempester mentioned Mard Geer giving him Curse Power. I wonder if that was the case for every other demon? Anyways, after Mira gets epic and punches the hell out of Seilah, we reach the final Nine Demon Gates fight of the arc: everyone's favorite Erza vs. Kyôka. ( ^.^)/ As far as the next episode goes though... Hype hype hype! No real spoilers in the preview either, so I can't wait for the reactions.

Erza's final duel
( ^.^)/

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