Well then! After last week's - well, for me - questionable episode, I'm surprised how enjoyable this one was. First of all, the animation is so much better. So much movement. Gajeel's fight in the first half looked so good thanks to that. I approve.

Gajeel after defeating Torafuzar
Badass! *sparkles*

That aside, the second half deviates from what manga has shown us. The person that interferes against Tempester is none other than - Laxus!

Laxus appears one more time
Badass! *no sparkles*

Okay, I gotta say, Laxus being able to fight while still full of Magical Barrier Particles rivals the bullshit of Erza's incoming fight, but I... really liked it! The animation was awesome - okay, stone throwing was dumb as fuck <.< but that aside, Laxus' clear handicap - all the blood, man and I wonder what he said when Tempester questioned his body state? - just made it somehow enjoyable. Well, I'm looking forward to its conclusion next week. All in all, much better episode than last week.

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