Well, after two of what we could call "low budget episodes", we are presented with yet another glorious adaption of Tartaros arc. Both art and animation looked pretty good this time around and even everyone's favorite still shots were reduced to a minimum.

Gray after defeating Silver
I mean, just how awesome does this look?

Natsu and Gajeel's battles have seen some extensions yet again, although at this point it's getting rather... stale, with Tempester spamming more random words for random effects that don't really have anything with Calamity, but whatever flies their boat.

Tempester battles Natsu
Given Natsu's expression, I guess Tempester stepped on his dick

Anyways, back to Gray and Silver; their battle was animated quite well and with not too much censorship either. Hole in Silver's body? No problem! Gray gets stabbed by ice? No visible injuries later... Good old Fairy Tail anime. Unfortunately, the reveal at the end goes exactly the way it did in the manga, with Silver suddenly not being Deliora. As much as I didn't like this plot twist-ception back then, I don't like it here either, but I suppose we talked about that enough. At least it looked good animated. And all dem Silver smirks and evil faces~

Ice Make Cannon
Pew pew! Clever thinking there, Gray

Oh, and the preview for the next week looks quite good. Did anyone else find that part with Keyes opening his mouth super awesome? o,o

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