Did you guys notice there have been no recaps for two episodes now?

Erza surprised to see the Twin Dragons

Yeah, I'm surprised as well.

Instead, we have a bunch of extensions here and there. Tempester uses some... I honestly have no idea what those spells were meant to do? But hey, the fight has seen some new stuff as opposed to its manga counterpart. Minerva is still struggling with her situation, which is nice, since it's not so random and "yea, whatever" like in the manga. Other than that... I guess the episode was okay? Some parts were little ruined in terms of art, some derpy animation here and there, but eehhh, it was nice enough. Hopefully, Silver vs. Gray will be nice. And since I don't have anything else to say, have a bunch of nice shots from the episode. ( ._.)/

Mard Geer's understanding of humans

Rogue and Sting's anger

Silver's aura

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