Erza battles Neo Minerva
A pretty epic shot tbh.
Where are you, "old anime looked better" people??

Huehuehue. Nah, to be honest, I was actually surprised to see Erza vs. Minerva go so much better than in the manga. The flashback of Minerva's childhood was extended pretty nicely and it actually made Minerva's shift towards the "Oh, fuck this shit, kill me Erza" not as wtf sudden as in its manga counterpart. The whole message of the flashback, that "This is what it means to be Sabertooth" transition to present, Minerva's expression as she realized that she had done fuck up... Idk about you guys, but I thought it was perfect. I didn't think I was gonna like this part in the anime since it was so meh in the manga... like, what can anime do with it?? Well, they friggin' made it better and the whole change within Minerva became much more natural and believable.

Sting and Lector appear at Tartaros
Surprise madafaka!

Of course, not entire episode was dedicated to the fight that its title introduces - when does it ever? Rethorical question, you don't have to prove me wrong. To be honest, I would be a bit happier if they extended the fight somewhat, but perhaps it's for the better that they didn't, after all - and I'm sure everyone will agree - the anime team is much better when it comes to flashbacks, or simply fleshing out parts that were rushed or forgotten in the manga. I should mention that I totally loved Pantherlily finding those iron balls, the whole "wtf they are all over the place" notice made me smirk since, as we know, one of these balls will play a huuuuge role, so later, we don't need to wonder where in the blue hell they came from.

Wendy looks at Faces
Has anyone ever wondered why "Face"?
Why not Foot or... yea, let's stop here.

On the note of Pantherlily, the extension of his scene, as well as his dynamics with Happy were pretty amusing. Some good old comedy there. Poor Happy. That aside though, the plot moves on and we have a big news over at Wendy's place - does anyone else think that it'd be much better if they waited with the whole "Doranbolt saves them" point till this moment? - as they find out that more Dildos are coming out from the ground and Mard Geer is already back to face Sting and Rogue. On the topic of fights, Natsu and co. fighting the Demon Gates was so-so, with some derpy art and animation, but honestly, who can blame them, after two awesome-looking episodes.

Makarov heads for Lumen Histoire
Have a picture of Makarov, idk where to put it

So yeah, overall a nice episode, can't top the previous two ones though. Oh, I also want to mention that there is a chance of the reviews being late(er) or even not happening at all, since I'm coming back to college and stuff is happening so yup. I will at least try to provide a blog for discussions or something like that though. So there's that. Till next time!

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