Soundtracks in the episode O.O

Not to mention the animation being much better than usually. I could nitpick some derpy art here and there, or the CSK's rainbow parade - I honestly thought that his attack would look better if it was like, say, Kagura's unsheathed Archenemy - but given how well the episode flew, that's really just nitpicking. The voice acting was amazing as well. Kudos to Mard's and CSK's VAs.

Lucy Aquarius Dress
*insert instant sunset*

This episode surprisingly included a lot of anime-only stuff as opposed to another 7 mins long recap (lel), but - surprisingly enough - it actually worked really well. Jackal has turned into a complete idiot, we have a mention of the Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc and minor characters got a bit more of screentime. I wonder what Makarov looked like when he was Alegria'd. #randomthoughts

Celestial King's Meteor Blade
*stealing Reli's pics cuz busy at the moment*

Overall, the episode was awesome. I'm a bit worried that after two amazing episodes, the bar will be dropped, animation-wise or otherwise and to be honest, the preview doesn't seem to juicy, but we shall see. Wheee~

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