It's almost here! Next week, it begins, something that I personally consider one of the best parts of the arc! And given the preview, I have high hopes that it will be done properly... hopefully. .-. So what am I talking about? Second half of the episode is dedicated to our new character, Mard Geer, as he makes his move against the Fairy Tail members invading his guild. Well, only after he and his Thorn Curse play with Kyôka. Anyways, as he uses Alegria - which, by the way, was animated quite nicely, with everyone getting trapped in it as well, Lucy is the only one to escape. *hype intensifies*

Lucy informs of Wendy's success
"My clothes are suddenly wrecked, even though they were fine just a while ago.
But who cares." #fanservice (^.^)/

Before that though, we got a conclusion to the fight between Mirajane and Seilah. By the way, I am surprised they didn't mind showing Seilah's boobs at all. ( ._.) Do they think that if it's a Demon, it's fine? In any case, as Seilah continues overpowering Mirajane, the latter recalls her childhood, having aquired the power of a Demon. I have to say, the anime is really good at these flashback scenes, or non-fight scenes in general. Too bad. I liked the small extensions to the flashbacks and the art has been pretty much consistent during the whole thing. O, and I liked that Elfman pretty much caused an explosion with his attack. Perhaps people will stop whining that Seilah fell to a simple punch.

Seilah's released form
Maybe you should've kept throwing literature.. That had more effect. xP

Or not. Anyways, see you guys next week.

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