So as predicted, Azuma and Zancrow seen in the last preview were in fact no more than something created by Rusty's Arc of Embodiment. Thankfully. Although I wish it was explained how he was even capable of such a feat, since the two could easily use their magic and what not. Well, that is until Kyôka rekt Rusty. ( ._.)

Jellal and Meredy invite Rustyrose

That... is a pretty cool shot.

The whole plot was nice enough I suppose, at the very least, it added some depth to Oracion Seis joining Jellal, it wasn't just "oh you beat me, welp, I'm with you now". Jellal talking about them, with Cobra listening, was a nice scene. And wow, his eyes are already healed... magically at that, too. How exactly can you damage your eyes to the point of being unable to see, just for them to be fine half a day later?

The Underworld King

Rusty shat bricks seeing this guy... nice foreshadowing.

Overall, it was ok for an anime-only stuff. I guess we will never find out if this is Mashima's doing - aka "parts I had to cut out" or just some random anime shizz, right?

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