I honestly can't tell if I enjoyed this episode or not. They're doing a good job at adapting stuff I suppose, the soundtracks are awesome, key scenes look good, but there are these little things that make me go ugh. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but it kinda destroys the experience. Like the goddamn stills that keep appearing way more often now.

Natsu faces Franmalth

Let me just move sideways with no apparent body motion

Natsu dodging Franmalth looked bad. Natsu throwing stones looked bad. Did they just copy paste the same scene three times? On the other hand, I liked Erza's requip. The wing thingy looked nice. o,o Then we have Seilah throwing books (again) animated rather well. Her transformation and everything afterwards was okayish as well. So yeah, an okay episode that could've been great if they had worked a bit more on the details.

Seilah charges at Mirajane

That was actually cool

Last thing, for those who don't know, the next episode is gonna be anime-only, with Jellal and co. facing the remnants of Grimoire Heart. Which is nice and all, but...

Grimoire Heart's return

... why Zancrow??? Guy's supposed to be effed by Zeref! Why does anime insist on bringing those few people that are supposed to be dead back? Jeez. -_-

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