Apologies for posting this later than usually, but, you see, my ISP likes doing things and among them is switching all telecommunication services for an entire day in the entire city because let's do upgrades on a goddamn Saturday. Thankfully, they put it back earlier than announced, it was supposed to be out 8 am - 10 pm (!), so here I am, keeping up with my internet addiction.

Franmalth absorbs Natsu's attack

Magic has a soul, Time Ark doesn't work on blood, yet it works on trees.
Some quality logic here~

Anyways, the episode! It was actually full of action, we've got Franmalth and his Hades soul trolling Natsu and co. In a similar manner, Seilah throws books at Mirajane, but not only that, we finally learn that she didn't just pull those books out of her... sleeves, but she actually summons them! How cool is that? My only complaint is Seilah effortlessly blocking Mirajane's attacks when she's kinda supposed to be... you know, a glass cannon. But still, the anime-only addition is nice, as it is in the case of Gray and Keyes. I liked how Gray compared Keyes' ability to Juvia's Water Body. And again, Erza clashing with Kyôka is somewhat extended, with some nice hack and slash animation included. Kudos. I should probably mention that some random characters face even more random nameless troops. Wanna avoid any further rage from the fans of Random Tartaros Soldier #59. ;x

Erza and Kyôka clash

This isn't how you do manicure though..

Finally, we actually get a few minutes dedicated to the title of this episodes. Gotta continue the tradition when x vs. y doesn't even appear in the episode while being its title, y'know. And not even that, they ruined the shot of Ezel hiding behind Wendy. Actually, all the major manga panels that this episode adapted were kinda meh, Dragon Force Wendy included. Oh well. At least the rest of the fight animation was okay. And the preview for the next episode looks nice enough so hopefully, they threw some budget at Wendy's pink hair.

Ezel's battle-loving personality

Is that a compass on his chest..?

See you next week.

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