Alrighty, I'm gonna keep this short as I don't have anything witty to say. ( ._.) The episode was fun, I suppose. They took their sweet time in the first half of the episode to get everyone together, we even have a filler of Makarov fighting a weird machine, among others. Taurus is a pervert, as always.

Natsu stops Franmalth's attacks
Natsu sure is everywhere in the recent episodes...

That aside, I gotta point out the scene with Lucy and Wendy escaping, not only we got a badass new soundtrack, the animation was so good! Afterwards, Wendy and Carla dodging Franmalth was pretty epic, to be honest.

Mirajane's anger
Oh shit

However, the episode starts with Zeref appearing in front of Natsu. I have to say, knowing "stuff", their conversation becomes twice as interesting. A pretty well done scene, I'd say. Other than that, we have Erza still fighting Kyôka and Mira and Seilah competing for the first prize in scariest facial expression ever. And finally, Wendy heads to stop Face. Funny how the preview for the next episode shows literally nothing. Avoiding spoilers while you showed everything in the opening is quite nice.

So yeh, as it's been since the start of Tartaros arc, a solid episode.

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