Woooo, this is what, 7th great episode in a row? They're really on a roll...

... honestly, they really dropped the ball with the minor fights. So much stills! It was kinda painful to watch. Although, the key parts of the chapters the episode adapted were still well done. And I pretty much enjoyed it.

Erza battles Kyôka
Time to pierce... the heavens?

I'm not really sure what else to talk about. I thought it was pretty cool they gave Romeo Rainbow Fire, that was an interesting touch. Other than that, I saw some complaints that Natsu changed his pants while Lisanna was in her Animal Soul for no reason did she always have whiskers in that form..? And here I'm like what, Natsu is gonna pick random clothes after this yet again and this is what bothers people? Is it really wrong for Lisanna to be in battle mode, since she is, you know, in the enemy base?

Lisanna and Natsu encounter Tartaros
Would touch 10/10

One more thing that I'd like to point out and I know I say this quite often lately, but do people still think that the old anime managed Mashima's art better? For the most part, I really loved how the characters were drawn in this episode, the whole arc in general. Have you guys seen Natsu? Now try to remember what he looked like in the old anime. I honestly think the old staff had no idea about the looks of abs.

Aaaanyways, I'm quite brain dead at the moment, so have an image of Mira instead:

Mirajane is revived
Would touch as well 10/10

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