Yooooooooo, they made blood drip from Jellal's eyes!

First thing first.

The new OP & ED have arrived. Both songs are pretty cool. As always, the animation of the OP contains shitton spoilers, this time even more than usually, however, it's animated pretty well. The ED, on the other hand, is just an image of literally every major character rotating around. Okay?

Opening 20 - Jellal Opening 20 - Wendy Opening 20 - Natsu, Lucy, Happy

As for the episode... I'm repeating myself every week, but it was pretty solid! I was pretty hyped to see the conclusion of Jellal's fight and I think I wasn't disappointed. Sema was done well enough, defnitely a scene that I'd rewatch. Other than that, the episode contained a lot of random stuff, such as the revival of Tempester, Jackal and Minerva, Silver bringing water to Lisanna instead of clothes (lol) and Elfman finally going with Seilah's instruction, blowing up the guild in spite of Cana's attempts to interfere.

Jellal reveals his intentions

So yep, a pretty nice watch, once again! What does everyone think? ~

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