Well, here comes another rather solid episode! This time, they even adapted more than two chapters, so there was no need for 7 minutes of a recap. Thank god.

Jellal attacks Racer

In any case, as per the tradition of X vs. Y titles, the fight in question takes only like 1 minutes of the episode. :'D And I gotta say, I'm still not feeling it. While the art quality overall has gone up since the start of the Sun Village arc, it looks like Bridge has yet to adapt to the looks of Oración Seis, as they didn't really look good, save for Cobra, who has always been drawn really well, especially in this arc.

Silver instantly freezes Natsu
Oookay, so the ice is actually pink

A lot of other things happened in the episode, starting with Natsu's short fight against Franmalth, and Silver instantly owning him afterwards. I gotta say, the soundtrack of Silver (I assume that's what it is) is quite epic. Anyways, as we already knew thanks to the preview from previous week, Natsu and Lisanna, now imprisoned, aren't losing all of their clothes, which, apparently, pisses off a lot of fans. Oh well. At least some people got to enjoy a shirtless Natsu. We've also gotten a few filler scenes with Happy escaping from Tartaros HQ, as well as Natsu's numerous attempts to break from their cell.

Seilah with the lacrima
My crystal ball tells me that something will blow up

We continue with little changes as, even though some kind of lesbian relationship between Seilah and Kyôka is still implied, the scene of Seilah lying in bed - which, in my opinion, is another implication of what happened between the two - is changed as well. I know, what I'm just pointing out is really minor stuff, but these little things are what make the character and too many alterations may change those.

Elfman with the lacrima
Elfman pls

So in spite of my nitpicking, I pretty much enjoyed the episode. I'm really looking forward to the next one, so I hope it's done well!

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