So contrary to what last week's preview implied, the episode was actually pretty good! I mean, they literally picked the worst shots, so no wonder I was somewhat worried. However, both fights - Erza and Mirajane vs. Tartaros and Jellal vs. Oración Seis were awesome! A lot of new soundtracks were introduced, which made the episode x times better, so I can't really complain.

Erza and Mirajane defend Crawford

I mean, look at this.

Not that the episode didn't have its share of wat.jpg moments, but overall, the good parts overshadowed them. As we found out from last week's preview, Erza isn't completely naked when Kyôka tortures her, however, I think they still did a good job at making the situation seem dire. Erza not being naked kinda takes away from the "I need armor to feel at ease" point, but this still works. Looking at this week's preview, Lisanna and Natsu gets a similar treatment next week.

Natsu attacks Crawford

Someone needs to wash their teeth..

Overall, a pretty fun episode. What does everyone think?

O and that new PV has been released! May contain spoilers for anime-only fans, proceed with caution.

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