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Fairy Tail Episode 234: Tartarus arc Prologue: The Nine Demon Gates, Review

Miskos3 May 23, 2015 User blog:Miskos3

Welcome to the era of long-ass titles! Yep, we have finally reached the long-awaited Tartarus arc, which is divided into several parts, starting with the prologue. Anyways, I'm sure a lot of us have been waiting for this episode as back then, when the manga chapter came out, it was quite the shocker. Has this episode delivered? Let's take a look!

Tartaros HQ

Nice flat, can I rent a room?

Actually, quite a lot happened in this episode, as not only it covered two full chapters, one of them was over 30 pages. Based Mashima. Anyways, what can I say? This episode went pretty much as expected, the adaption was basically perfect. The art was great throughout the entire thing and - as expected - the soundtracks were awesome. I had to laugh out loud when I heard Kotomine Kirei's voice as Keith, though.

Seilah's profile image Seilah comments on Ezel's impatience

The Adventures of Different Eye Colors: The sequel

So yep, I pretty much enjoyed the episode, it has quite met my expectations. The preview looks really great so I hope they can keep it up! On, on that note, that sequence when the episode title is shown looks friggin' awesome! Anyways, till next time~

Laxus appears

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