So I come home after like a month and guess what I find?

My internet disconnecting literally every minute!!

Ugh, that aside. This episode. Some budget cut was visible, but things still looked nice. Some of us hoped the Flare boob shot would be changed in the anime... alas... the thing that got changed was the hot spring scene, which was only a brief one, with guys not joining in. And the conversation with Warrod happening... near a bonfire. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Crying Flare
Pretty... eyes.

I guess I'm gonna be repeating myself, but all the new soundtracks are completely awesome. The "Yo, I am a Fairy Tail founder" soundtrack? The "Yo, I'm Kyouka the bitch" soundtrack? Absolutely magnificent. Talking about Kyouka, her appearance marks the start of the Tartarus arc! Next episode, big things shall happen...

Tartaros arc Poster
Through the Gates of Hell!

Anyways, some related-unrelated Fairy Tail news!

  • A second Fairy Tail movie has been announced
  • And an OVA about the Penalty Game omake will be made.

If you want sources... look them up. :D Misk is out. Constantly. Disconnecting. :@

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