Alright, I'm gonna keep this short, cuz I have stuff to do, you know, getting college'd, wheeee~ So this episode was basically a climax of the Sun Village arc. We learn that the Eternal Flame is, in fact, the soul of Atlas Flame that has been burning for ages. With the last bit of his power, he manages to melt the village and save everyone.

And wow, I really liked the animation of Natsu's battle, it looked pretty well done. Overall, another great episode. The animation studio has been on a roll lately. Let's hope they keep it up! On that note, looks like there will be no bath scene next week? Oh well. xP

Atlas Flame is revealed

Finally, the ED sequence has been changed. I don't really like it tbh, seems kinda half-baked. Too bad Mashima can't draw a picture for every week. Poor man if he had to, tho... I didn't notice this at first, but they changed the OP as well! Instead of the usual spoilers, towards the end, they are now showing the Nine Demon Gates! #hype

The Nine Demon Gates

Oh and I almost forgot.

The soundtracks.

The soundtracks.

The soundtracks.

The soundtracks.

I loved the one that played during the Silver scene. Based Takanashi.

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