Alrighty! The Sun Village arc is slowly, but surely reaching its conclusion. Actually, we have only two episodes left as episode 234 marks the start of the Tartarus arc!

Ending 19 - Natsu Gray Happy

Gotta love Mashima! And it's the guys this time.

In any case, this episode was pretty good. I like that they've been able to keep up the animation, as well as the consistent art basically since the start of the arc. Although the 6 mins long recap helped, I suppose... On that note, this episode adapted full 2 chapters AND 10 pages from a third one, so that long recap is even more disturbing, but alas. As I said last time, much better than senseless fillers or extensions, looking at you, Aegis & Bandou.

Team Natsu and Gray

The bromance is strong~

Can I just mention that I found Gray's little Ice Make as hilarious as I did in the manga? No wonder Doriate got pissed. While he becomes a snack, Natsu heads to fight the hungry birdie and Gray intends to make a use of his new theory about the village's ice to melt Eternal Flame. Can he do it? Let's see next week!

Cyclops eats Doriate

Nom nom nom

P.S. For those who don't know, the new Fairy Tail OST will be released in less than two weeks, and you can already listen to the previews here! Scroll down to the list of tracks and click on the 試聴する button. Till then!

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