Holy mother of recaps! This is slowly beginning to remind me of the late Bleach anime. Alas, if this is what they need to do instead of dumb fillers, I'm all good.

Ending 19 - Flare
A great piece of art from Mashima, once again!

Anyways! This week continues the streak of quite enjoyable episodes. As it's been since the start of this arc, we get a little bit of fanservice, action, comedy and serious stuff, all in one! We have Flare joining the Fairy girls, finally defeating Sylph Labyrinth in Team Rocket style. We also learn that Flare is, in fact, originally a part of Sun Village. At the same time, Erza faces Minerva, Natsu continues looking for "the voice" (u bet he'd be a good judge in a singing competition) and Gray meets up with Doriate.

Lucy and Wendy listen to Flare's story
Just me or Wendy's face is Lucy's face copy-pasted..?

All in all, a pretty nice episode. The animation continues to be solid, the soundtrack is awesome - hot damn, can't wait for the OST release - and things catch one's interest. Find out next week what Gray can do against Doriate!

Little Gray frees himself
Want ice cream?

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