Hot damn, I have no idea why I suddenly woke up at 4 AM, but why not watch a new Fairy Tail episode now that I'm here... right? Well, I gotta say it was worth it!

Natsu as a child
A cutie has appeared~

The animation was really great this time around and I loved all the new soundtracks! Especially the one that played during the confrontation between Erza and Minerva. Talking about that, Erza's reaction to her new form was so hilarious. One more hilarious thing has to be Happy failing to catch the bottle. Classic Happy. xD

Flare appears at Sun Village
A redhead has appeared?!

Aside from Minerva, we have one more familiar face! Flare arrives just in time to save Wendy from Drake's gunshot. For a short while, we focus on her boobs on the new symbol. Just what does it mean?! Will we find out next week? Stay tuned. :D

Doranbolt pls

So yep, I really liked this episode. It looked much better than last week's and the content was much more entertaining, as well. This week's ending theme was, by the way, accompanied by an art of Wendy and Carla. So what did you think? Do share in the comments!

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