The Sun Village arc is going strong as our Team Natsu finally arrives to the frozen place. I was, uh, a little thrown off guard with the weird way they put the flashback after the opening, but so be it, they had to waste some time to adapt 2 chapters only. The Ur flashback was nice, as well. Talking about the opening, did you guys notice they changed the animation towards the end to that of this episode? As for the ending, as predicted, it will feature a different drawing every week. Poor Mashima, he's gonna draw himself to death. What a hardworking guy.

Ending 19 - Erza

Overall, for me, this episode ranks a little lower than the previous one, unfortunately. The drop in quality is there, although things still look nice enough compared to the terribad art we had to look at in some of the earlier episodes. We've been introduced to a plenty of new soundtracks. Man, I can't wait for the OST release! By the way, for those who didn't notice, it will be out mid-May!

Minerva in Succubus Eye

Oh, lookie who we have here. In the midst of the battle against Treasure Hunters, we have Minerva, now a Dark Mage, wanting a revenge against Fairy Tail. Meanwhile, Erza suddenly turns into a child. Just what is going on in this village?! Find out next time. And of course, comment with your opinion about this episode! See you.

P.S. Needs moar loli Erza

Erza turns into a child

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