I really can't resist the urge to share the happiness of this episode. I mean, if you're a Fairy Tail fan, there's no way you could watch it without an expression like...

Freed's happiness

... on your face. Because certainly, I was like that. :D Adding onto how awesome this episode was, the joy of fillers being over - adapting like every single omake in existence included - sure did its work. And I have to say, the opening did a great job at hyping the arc up!

Natsu and Igneel in Opening 19 Gray and Ur in Opening 19 Lucy and Aquarius in Opening 19

Laxus in Opening 19 Jellal and Meredy in Opening 19 Jackal in Opening 19

So yup, I'm ready for you, Tartarus! However, before we reach that point, we have Natsu's group arriving to Sun Village in order to get rid of the ice there. The bath scene expansions were amusing and the rest of the episode adapted the manga chapters in question perfectly. The art and animation were really great and I have to say, the slight change in colors actually fits and makes the anime look more modern, too, in my opinion.

So what does everyone think? Do share in comments. Till next time~

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