Alright, this took me a bit longer, I actually have nothing witty to say, I literally feel like our Lucy here...

Lucy advertises 8island

... could use a pat on the head too...

Erza compliments Natsu

Anyways, since I started that way, I think it's for the best to let the pictures speak for themselves, because I can imagine that a lot of us had a reaction similar to these...

Lucy and Erza see Ichiyas Girls see Ichiyas

... since this episode was literally ...

Girls' reaction to Ichiyas
A friggin' horror movie!

Actually, as much as seeing Ichiya everywhere was creepy, I was greatly amused and pretty much enjoyed the episode with a grin on my face. Good old Fairy Tail comedy. It kind of reminded me of the very first (second? could be...) filler episode where everyone swapped their bodies. I can dig that kind of humor.

So finally, with the next episode, we return to canon, beginning the Sun Village arc! I found the preview quite interesting, as someone pointed after watching the PV, the colors have somewhat changed, they have that "early morning" kind of feel now and furthermore, it's Aya Hirano, Lucy's VA that comments the preview. That's nice for a change, I suppose. Anyways, till next week! Leave a comment on what you thought about this episode.

Natsu and Happy face Ichiyas Jenny (Ending)
I know some of you may like one of these ;o

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