Well, straight to the point. This episode adapts the 413 Days special chapter about Juvia and Gray's 413 days anniversary, a weird one at that. And boy, what an episode this was! I won't probably lie if I say that this episode had the best looks so far... out of all, 220 ones.

I mean... look at this.
Erza cheering Juvia up

And this.
Gray with Juvia's scarf

Erza sees Gray with Juvia's scarf

Great art all around! No wonder both Mashima and the anime director were hyping it on their Twitter. The episode itself was great, as well. I liked the anime-only extensions, they were mostly hilarious and shippers probably rejoiced, too. Too bad that the preview for the next episode doesn't look as good, but hey, not everything can be Unlimited Budget Works. Anyways, share your opinion in the comments. ~

P.S. The official site for the Fairy Tail anime has updated its looks, releasing a new visual for the Tartarus arc. Check it out, it's really cool looking.

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