Hey guys. It's totally not past 3 am at the moment for me and I'm totally not in the middle of my finals! Aaaanyways, first thing first.

We've got some big news concerning the Fairy Tail movie! You may now wonder, what the hell he is talking about or even be like "what?!". Well, to find out, visit the main page of our dear wikia, scroll down to related sites section and click on the Fairy Tail movie link! Joke's done, link's removed. I love how no one ever noticed~

Moving on, with this episode, we've been given a new OP and a new ED. There's not much to say about them, both songs are pretty nice and I can't really complain about the animation part either. Looks like this cour will finish the Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc and then move onto the omakes, as well as the novel. Good news is, however, Mashima tweeting about the Tartarus arc being in the anime so hopefully, we can start with Sun Village not later than in Spring season!

Ophiuchus doing the ritual
Hug me?

As for the episode itself, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Funny thing is, I was joking when I said last week that Lucy should've used Uranometria... and here it goes, even in a combo with Yukino. Trololo. Natsu being sick was a nice touch too, I'm glad that they didn't forget that he can't just eat random shit. Seems like that the Celestial Spirit King is gonna be the final villain of the arc, after all.

So what does everyone think? Do share in the comments!

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