After holding off watching this episode for like half a day (where are the times when I'd get up at 4 AM for the premiere...?), I finally managed to chew my way through it, in hopes that it is one of the last ones of this arc.

First thing first, according to this post, the next OP and ED songs have been announced as follows:

  • V6: "BREAK OUT"
  • WONDERS: "Do not let me down"

Will we see Sun Village? Apparently, we will find out on January 10.

Natsu vs Leo

As for the episode, it wasn't that bad. If they only tried to make all the other battles semi-serious like this one was, the arc would be so much better. This fight was classic, although Leo basically copying Natsu's moves was meh. They could've tried making it somewhat unique. Talking about being unique, I laughed when Leo confirmed that his powers are Dark Regulus as that's exactly what I and many others wanted to name it on the wiki. Natsu eating his... flames? light? Wait, what is it, again? to pull a finishing move was, again, a classic thing to happen and I'm not even mad.

Gray's reaction to Juvia

Then, the episode contained bits of other characters. The Erza-Elfman exchange was amusing, as well as the Juvia bit. Talking about amusing, I really laughed when Happy tried to retell Ophiwhatever's chants. Looks like I'm a sucker for childish humour. Then we have Lucy, who wanted to start fighting seriously last episode, but not really, as Virgo continues making up random torture stuff. Can we have Lucy do something epic? Uranometria? Anything? But again, perhaps we should leave that for Tartarus arc. :)

The Good

  • The art. Can I point out that the art has been consistently good (or rather, better than bad) for several episodes in a row?
  • Leo is down. No more of his ego, please.
  • This arc is nearing its end. Hopefully it can end on a good note... maybe.

The Bad

  • I... don't even know what to put here? There wasn't really anything in this episode that'd make me roll my eyes, so that's a plus, I guess.

So what does everyone think? Do share. :)

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