Alrighty, so unless I'm really blind early in the morning, there isn't any episode review so far, so here goes.

This episode doesn't even need a summary as it's basically:

  • Mira being epic for two seconds
  • Random bullshit

Because, in case you don't know, on my Twitter last week, I pointed out that I'm looking forward to some Mira action. And I got it right away, however, it ended as soon as it started so \( o_o)/. I'm guessing they didn't wanna waste space on Pisces anymore as they had a whole episode for the Spirits before, well, I have a piece of news for you, anime team, you could've scrapped that joke of a episode and instead given some time for Mira and Pisces' battle. But oh well...

Mirajane defeats Pisces

Moving on, the card battle is the very definition of "pull something out of one's ass". And I'm sorry, but unlike last episode, I wasn't entertained at all. I was rolling my eyes throughout the entire thing, wondering how long till it was over. You know, it remindned me of my kiddy times when Harry Potter was a thing and me and my little sister were bored, playing as in throwing "spells" at each other, claiming various effects for them... and I rolled my eyes yet again. Although gotta give it to Scorpio for cool graphical effects which is something that me and my sister didn't have. But jeez, Scorpio didn't even lose in this episode yet. v_v At least the art and the animation were good enough so kudos for that.

Cana's Fire and Ice Combo

Oh and, the preview (along with the title) of the next episode absolutely horrifies me. Anyways, what does everyone think? Discuss right away.

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