Episode 195: Man & Man, Dragon & Dragon, Man & Dragon

That's one long ass title. ( -_-)

Anyway, straight to the business! The fights against Dragons continue, however, the attacks of Laxus and his Tribe have no effect. Thankfully, Natsu arrives to begin his plan in order to defeat the enemies - and eat Atlas Flame...? Quite amusing. Atlas Flame soon remembers that this feels like being raped by Igneel and learns that Natsu is the Fire Dragon King's son. And thus, the tale of a great friendship begins, as Atlas Flame defies Rogue's Dragon Supremacy Magic just like that and joins Natsu in an effort to take him down. Is it just me or Motherglare's voice actor is the same as Atlas Flame's one?

Natsu in flames

Aaaand... the filler begins. I enjoyed it two episodes ago, since in the manga it was like "Lol a dragon let's give up", but in the anime, the mages actually tried to do something. However, I am not sure what I think about them spamming the same attacks again against the mini-dragons. I guess Gray helping Rufus and Jura helping Orga was a nice touch (Rock Mountain was ugly, thank you very much). Meanwhile, Sting uses White Dri - enters Dragon Forc- I don't even know. o.O Good job, anime team. As Ultear watches Rogue falling into darkness, she recalls the adventures of different eye colors and Natsu claiming that they cannot kill present Rogue in order to stop the future one, as the former hasn't done anything wrong. However, it seems like that not even his words can stop Ultear from taking the action...

Ultear's decision

Overall, the episode was fun. The animation was so much better than last week and things have also moved... somewhat. Ultear changes her eye color about two times and Sting doesn't remember the name of his own move. Welp~ Do share your opinion about the episode in comments!

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