And so, the Grand Magic Games are over! Yeah, that's right, the latest episode entitled The One Who Closes the Door provides an insight into the tournament's epilogue, but even then, it does not waste any time and moves the plot forward.

The first half of the episode consists mostly of Team Fairy Tail's banter, I don't even remember some of it so I take it that they extended it a little. Gajeel's reaction to Sting made me giggle. Similarly, the Garou Knights continue to be persistent - and annoying - trying to to stop Team Natsu from leaving the palace. Moar filler, until a mysterious shadow appears, eating up the knights, as well as the fodder soldiers.

Elsewhere, Jellal ponders about Future Lucy's words. I have to confess, I was afraid Jellal would be the next target of the pink-eyed illness, but thankfully, he resisted. Anyways, pink-eyed Meredy and pink-eyed Ultear discuss stuff. At the same time, Arcadios reaches Hisui and they realize that there are more visitors from the future. Jellal and co. hurry to the castle just as Future Rogue stands before Natsu and the rest.

Hisui ready to defend the country

Am I the only one who hoped that Future Rogue would keep his "Shadow" voice? In any case, although Rogue initially presents himself as a friend, he reveals that Lucy will close the Eclipse, a weapon against the dragons, and attacks her.

What happens afterwards is absolutely superb in terms of presentation. The slow motion, everyone's shocked expressions and Future Lucy's inevitable sacrifice. The voice acting. I really have to praise the VAs for their work. So, Future Lucy dies and the present one argues with Rogue until he tries to attack her one more time, just to be stopped by Natsu, who will definitely keep going in order to protect the future!

Natsu vows to protect the future

So what can I say. I think they have adapted the major scenes of those two chapters quite well. Dem feels. D:


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