Why hello there! Misk is back for a bit to talk about the finale of the Grand Magic Games in the anime.

So where to begin? 'Ello Hisui and Darton, thank you for reminding us for the n-th time that your decision will be guided by the games' results. By the way, I commend the translator for finally getting rid of the 'she' in Hisui's words.

When suddenly! New opening. I almost forgot. The second OP of the new series is called STRIKE BACK and is performed by BACK-ON. I can see why it wouldn't be a cup of tea for everyone, especially after Masayume Chasing, but let me just say that I really like it! If I am to compare, it's so much better than Rock City Boy which really got on my nerves after a while, and so much better than new Naruto Shippuuden ending. I mean, have you guys seen that atrocity?! And there I thought Naruto's music couldn't get any worse.

OP 16 - Six Dragon Slayers OP 16 - Cobra appears OP 16 - Fairy Tail ready to battle

Laxus is fired up

Halp, turning into Natsu q.q

In any case, we head straight to Laxus vs. Jura. I managed to keep my expectations in check so I think I've enjoyed this short exchange, although it wasn't on the level of the female threesome (I really did like how that one was done). What I found awesome, however, was Laxus' Lightning Explosion. That was nice. Anyways, Laxus pulls Natsu's signature catch phrase and we switch to the Fire Dragon Slayer's location at the castle where nothing really happens, so let's move on.

Erza's Nakagami Armor

Oh my god, this is perfect

Meanwhile, Erza readies to be really awesome. ;D I'm kind of glad they didn't made the injury on her leg as bad as it was in the manga, because her jumping around, dodging Minerva's explosions, shortly afterwards would be really weird. In any case, Minerva is about to shit herself as Erza unleashes her... *moment of suspense* ... Second Origin and requips to Nakagami Armor, supported by Mavis' poetic narration.

Moving on, I can't say I cared much about Gray's battle, but I'm sure Gruvia peepz found themselves in it, so long story short, Gray and Juvia join their powers together to turn Lyon and Chelia into Team Rocket. At the same time, Jura goes down thanks to Laxus' attack which was most likely created when Mashima had no idea what to do with the battle. In any case, Minerva also falls to Erza's clothes-shattering awesome attack, and Team Fairy Tail finds themselves with the lead of 8 points. Which is apparently Sting's plan from the beginning as he summons the injured and exhausted team to finish them off in order to win - and meet Lector. As we all know by now, that doesn't happen as Sting backs down, finalizing Fairy Tail's victory and his subsequent reunion with Lector, which - I am sure - brought a tear to many eyes. :'D However, at the same time, Hisui puts her plans into motion.

The new ending is called Kokoro no Kagi and is performed by May J. Not much I have to say, some nice Future Lucy footage with a calm song.

ED 16 - Lucy ED 16 - Natsu and Happy ED 16 - Lucy, Natsu and Happy

Overall, I believe the episode has been quite enjoyable. Although I do question the decision not to expand the battles, I suppose they didn't want to mess with the main story too much. Who cares about Garou Knights though? '-' Anyway, we're finally done with the tournament and if the new opening is to be used to power my crystal ball, some exciting events will soon follow! Well, keep it up, anime team~

Animation: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Soundtrack: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

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