Mega still doesn't have internet (I think) so you're stuck with me. Ha! However, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet as at 4 AM, my ability to write is drastically hindered. If you read some weird stuff here, you know what to blame!


Sting vows to win

Natsu-kun is mine!!! I won't share...

So the episode brings us to the aftermath of the Gray vs. Rufus battle. As expected, people talk a lot, and we get to see all the remaining participants commenting the situation, especially Minerva and Sting. Those two are shown in a flashback and the aftermath of Sting's rebellion is revealed, with Minerva forcing Sting to win the Games in order for Lector to be returned.

Meanwhile, Natsu and co. find themselves in greater trouble than they had previously thought, as, after discovering Arcadios, they are faced by the Garou Knights. This time around, things are greatly altered in the anime adaption and Natsu and Wendy get to work together against Kamika and Cosmos, ditching out some combination attacks, with the great support of everyone else's comments. All the talking will never end, will it now? Anyways, eventually, the rest of Garou Knights, as well as Fairy Tail Mages join the battle and the episode ends with a super-duper-exciting cliffhanger with Wendy getting eaten by Cosmos' plant. Too bad she had to be shown in the preview....

Garou Knights

Final Verdict

Weeeeell. Is it a stretch to say that this episode is comparable to the first episode of the new series? Maybe. Maybe not. In any case, I have to say that I enjoyed the episode a lot. Perhaps it's because I entered with lowest expectations ever, or because I couldn't find a fuck to give when this part of story was happening in the manga. Regardless, the animation and the art looked pretty nice this time around and the extensions worked much better than in the last episode. Please keep this up, anime team!


Comments are welcome!

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