And so, it's over. For now!


Jellal senses the magic again

Jellal: Shit! I sense hords of fangirls incoming..

Let us enjoy the last episode! The battle continues, with Natsu challenging both Sting and Rogue alone. Which clearly pisses them off. However, at the stands, we see the mysterious person which Jellal chased back then. As their tear falls down, Jellal senses the magic similar to that of Zeref. Aaaand the chase begins again. Now, to the arena. Or under. As Natsu clashes with Sting, we get to see an awesome fig-... No. Back to the infirmary! They are wondering how the match is going. Still hasn't caught the thief who stole the giant screen you guys had in manga? Oh and Carla is a trap, according to Elfman. Oh well!

Natsu punches the Twin Dragons

Maaaaaan, really now.. After all the hype, you two really suck

Back to the match, Sting exclaims that this is the power which killed Weisslogia. Natsu replies that he will use his own power for those that were laughed at.. Doesn't make much sense to you either? Anyway, Natsu pushes Sting back. From behind, Rogue attempts to hit him with his Shadow Dragon's Roar, which is just a copy-paste of Gajeel's Roar... but to no avail as Natsu's Fire Dragon's Roar overpowers him. They keep clashing as everyone else in the stadium claim that both sides are strong. In reality, we can just see Natsu owning the Twin Dragons.

Young Sting welcomes Lector

Sting: I wonder, will Natsu-san like me when I grow up?
Lector: Girls!! You are supposed to question girls..

Flasback time! We get to find out more of Sting and Lector's history. In an unknown location that totally reminds me of the village from Gray and Ur's flashbacks, Lector asks young Sting if he could become his student. Well, having cat students is interesting, so why not? Why does it matter that they probably can't learn any magic? That's probably what Sting thought when he accepted. And we return to the battle. Shall we witness how charging of an apparently ultimate move of Sting and Rogue takes half an episode? While Rogue's magic changes its color to purple screw shadows, first grey, now this, it merges with Sting's own magic and everyone else takes their sweet time commenting this.

Mavis watches the fight

Mavis: Why is everyone raising their hands...? Should I do it too? Nah...

Flashback time nr. 2. We finally get to see what Happy told Natsu before the match. He told him.. nothing. Woohoo. Another flashback that probably interested certain people more than the Happy one was between Natsu and Lucy. Lucy tells Natsu that she's believed him since she joined the guild. So no, perverted fans, it wasn't "I want your D if you win" like some of you thought. I find it hilarious that Natsu's standing at the different side of the bed than in the original scene. And so, the eagerly awaited not Fairy Tail good bye sign appears. K, let's see a repeat of Sting and Rogue's move. This time though, Natsu makes his move, owning Sting and Rogue with his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. Now, Team Fairy Tail is one point ahead of Team Sabertooth. At the stadium, Jiemma scares away the spectators. And it wasn't a magical fart like we thought..

Jellal surprised

Jellal: Shit! The fangirls found me...

And so, Fairy Tail keeps aiming for the top! Don't get scared like me that the ending sequence will last for 6 minutes, as the story continues after it's over. While Gajeel finds somethin surprising under the arena - A Dragon's Graveyard, Jellal has been chasing the mysterious person whole time. Sergeant Yukino is seen talking about Sabertooth's defeat. She then calls Arcadios a savior of the world. Back to the infirmary, Carla has the same precgnition again - a destroyed castle and crying Lucy. That's when Levy appears. And her narration. She mentions that the last day's battle was tough, addresing it to Lucy. She then says that on July 7th, they "lost to fate". We get to see what apparently is a near future. Burning lands, destroyed building. In one of them, Levy is seen writing a letter. She mentions people dying. As we get to witness her scars and tears, she exclaims that she can't take it anymore and asks for help. Back to the present.. Shocked Jellal witnesses the true face of the mysterious.. woman. And so, the last episode ends with the biggest cliffhanger there has ever been!

Future Levy's sorrow

Final Verdict

Well, here we go! The last episode, at least for now. They've done a nice job with the finals of the battle and while some of the extensions were annoying, they fit well. Now, we can only wonder about the future of the anime. Certainly, they have left a possibility to continue with the giant To Be Continued cliffhanger, but that 'Thank you, everyone. Let's meet again!'is just too damn similar to Ichigo's 'See you', which ultimately ended the Bleach anime. Oh well! All we can do right now is to speculate. And believe!

Thank you, let's meet again!

With that said, my last anime review is done. I hope you've enjoyed it at least a bit and to those who haven't, I have bad news. In the upcoming weeks, I've decided to review the whole anime of Fairy Tail, an arc per week! However, before that, there will be a Fairy Tail Movie review. So look forward to it, I suppose!


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